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We are Affray Studios, a small game studio company based in the United States with international partnerships.

We are currently developing SCP: Pandemic in Unreal Engine - meant to demonstrate longer-term projects we intend to take on in the future.

Below you are able to pre-purchase the SCP: Pandemic Founders Edition if you want to support us and our project. This will also give you immediate access to our Early Access on Steam when it starts (early 2021). We get a much higher cut here than on Steam.

Virtual Film Production

Affray has an interest in VPD in the future within Unreal Engine for real-time interactive production with some basic motion capture. We intend to debut our first virtual production (short film) sometime Early 2022 on Prime Video and YouTube.

Soundtracks for various projects will be posted on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music.


Stay updated


As of January 20th, 2021 - we are officially no longer using the Squad codebase. We are now developing our own first-person shooter framework to replace it, inspired by games like Insurgency and Rising Storm - but within our own ideals.

We will be showcasing it soon.


A notable piece of work this game's story is based on is SCP-5000 by Tanhony. This is an isolated event based under the SCP-5000 canon. You can also find a community breakdown of SCP-5000 here.

Early Access notice

This game is now releasing into Early Access in the Beta stage of development (Q1 2021). Please be weary of your purchase, as the current stage of production may not represent the final image of our project. We want to bring this to life the best way we can, so please do not purchase this game if you feel it isn't worth supporting yet.

We are working hard behind the scenes, and we also hope if you choose to support this, you will join our communities to help us tackle minor and major issues, whether or be bugs or bad design. Thank you!


After discovering a foreign entity in the human psyche responsible for pain and negative traits of humanity, the SCP Foundation scrambles to discover its nefarious purpose. The 05 Council are dismayed at the discovery, undergoing belief that they must exterminate all of humanity with emotionless omnicide to prevent a horrifying scenario humanity will face in the future,

The 05 Council sends out instructions of how this event must be handled to high-ranking staff within the SCP Foundation, which are met by radical reactions, including suicide and mass resignations. A cure is made for all remaining staff which removes all pain and induces mass apathy, ceasing the suicides and resignations completely.

You are a team of operators from the Global Occult Coalition, a division of the United Nations that is designated to handle anomalous entities and events. You are inside of the site where the SCP Foundation is staging a series of large-scale attacks with artificially-engineered entities that are capable of killing and infecting people in masses.

You must find any and all information you can get your hands on and bring destruction to the facility.

About the game

SCP: Pandemic is a hardcore 4 player cooperative first-person tactical shooter, with a focus on unique design and story. Currently in the Private Alpha development period for supporters. Beta (Early Access) is expected for Early 2021.

Key features

  • 4 player cooperative PvE gameplay - with an option to play alone.
  • Peek around corners, breach doors, and shoot out lights.
  • Heavily immersive and detailed sound design and specialization.
  • Search the sector for details of the event and Project PNEUMA.
  • Run your own dedicated server.


Founders Edition

Sale for early supporters


  • [Late Alpha/Beta] Early Access (Q1 2021)

  • Supporter Pack (Full release only)

Supporter-only cosmetic items, the Original Soundtrack, and an in-game supporter badge.

Crowdfund rewards (site exclusive):

  • Testing builds (Resuming Q1 2021)

  • Discord "Backer" role.

This is to help support us in development. Do not purchase if you are not interested in the current state of the game.

The game is not finished. It really isn't.

But, supporting us will help us in being able to achieve our goals and make this a reality.

Plans after Early Access

What will SCP: Pandemic cost when it enters full release?


The base game of SCP: Pandemic will be free-to-play on the full release.

Will there be paid DLC?


Yes, at least that's what we currently plan.

Semi-major stories will be aimed at around $10.

Minor expansions will be around $4.

How many DLCs you do intend to make?


Probably around 5, more or less. Depends what we have the capacity for. In addition, we aim to work with third-party partners for building their own story spinoffs with the Pandemic project.

Will the name of SCP: Pandemic change?


Potentially. We may go back to the name "SCP: Ascension" if we are able to build SCP: Pandemic into a base for more expansions to be made on top of it. We are already talking to a few groups.

Would be kind of weird to have a multi-scenario game that isn't just about zombies be called "Pandemic", in our opinion. We will only do this on the moment this game goes free-to-play to avoid too much unnecessary confusion.



Private Alpha


Private Alpha is the active state of the development and release period. It is to develop and test core systems and environment layout, in addition to bug hunting with supporters.

This state of the game is fairly rudimentary and is unlikely to depict the long-term vision of the game. The Private Alpha is more of an open-ended sandbox more than anything else.

This started in April 2020 and is planned to transition to Beta in early 2021.

Beta (Early Access)


Early Access will be where we finalize gameplay and bring in more proper visuals for long-term stay. This will be where the game starts to represent long-term goals.


How can I play?


SCP: Pandemic is currently in Private Alpha. You can access it on Steam after requesting keys by reading the next question.

When we go into Early Access, we will be selling SCP: Pandemic's Founders Edition at US $14 with regional pricing. In the long-term, we intend to take SCP: Pandemic free-to-play and will separate the Founders Edition into DLC options: Supporter Pack ($5) and the Founders Pack ($10).

Will there be a console version of SCP: Pandemic?


Probably; no guarantee. If we are to release on PlayStation or Xbox, we will only be selling it as the Founders Edition. It will never be free-to-play on console due to the extra work and upkeep needed to distribute there and actively support it.

To clarify, consoles are not a priority and may be a canceled plan in the future.

Help us decide!

I pre-ordered, how can I access the Private Alpha and the future Early Access?


You should receive a key in your inbox within 24 hours.

If you have any issues, please contact Xsolla Support. They are equipped to help you with most needs in regards to your purchase and key . They will also let us know if there are issues on our end that need to be fixed.

Please contact us on Discord if you need further support, especially for anything not related to your purchase itself that Xsolla can't help with. We can't wait to have you there!

When will SCP: Pandemic be available?


We are hoping for a PC release into Early Access sometime Early 2021. And we hope to make a full release within 9-20 months from that point. It all depends on the events within the Early Access period. What can go wrong, generally goes wrong (Murphy's Law).

What Operating Systems (OS) will SCP: Pandemic be available on?


Certainly Windows, of course. But, we do have interest in making sure Linux is at least functional with Wine or Steam's Proton. This is something we will have to figure out as time goes on. MacOS is not a priority compared to Windows and Linux as it currently stands.

What is "In The Balance"?


In The Balance is a heavily SCP-inspired lore but under our full legal and creative control. After the rise of outside risks, such as the SCP RU lawsuit, Creative Commons in general being very incompatible with game products, and so on - we have come to a common agreement to make our own intellectual property.

This new universe will be based around inter-dimensional rifts that bring anomalies into our world. Governmental powers and private companies take on the anomalous for the safety of humanity and Earth's ecosystem.

We are creating In The Balance as a means to have an SCP alternative we have more control over that can be shared with other creators directly for free. We do not plan to profit off the property itself, rather our own projects under it. Our desire to work with other creators stems from expanding the ecosystem of In The Balance.

Where will game keys be sold on release?


Humble Bundle, here, through creators on Nexus, and alike.