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We are creating games and short films with a variety of partners.

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Supporter FAQ

How does Supporter Subscriptions work?


It's very similar to Patreon, but self-hosted by us with our partners at Xsolla. When someone donates on Patreon, there is generally around 9-12% cut off of the donations that we never see.

So, we have decided to start our own solution. With this website, only 5% is cut off the total, which makes your guys' donations to us that much more effective.

You will be charged once a month (unless canceled) with a 3-day grace period if you don't have enough in your account or need to update your payment method.

Your total donations accumulate to what rewards you will receive. Let's say you donate $5 USD for 10 months, you will receive Patron V rewards since you have donated a total of $50 USD. Just an example. We want this to be a way for you guys to support us significantly without breaking your bank.

We will not drop your rewards if you cancel your subscription.

When will I get my rewards?


As they become available. This is technically us crowdfunding, imagine pledging to a project on Kickstarter knowing you will get the rewards at a later date as they actually get made.

We unfortunately aren't magicians that can spawn a project into thin air. We do not suggest supporting us if you have other financial obligations or are scrapped for cash in general. And we especially don't suggest backing us if you aren't willing to support us in the current stage of development.

Be wary of where you put your money.

Are refunds a thing?


Generally speaking, no. But, we are more than happy to check out any requests on a case-by-case basis. Shoot us an email at [email protected] if you have any inquiries.


You are a fireteam within Area 12, a biological research site deep underground. You are a surviving team after a massive site-wide containment breach, leaving most existing staff victim to a virus of zombie-like symptoms.

You must coordinate together to bring destruction to the facility and escape unscathed. In the process of your escape, you must obtain and back-up critical information scattered amongst the facility.

Supporter Pack

SCP: Pandemic will be free.


  • Original Sound Track

  • In-game Supporter badge

  • Discord "Backer" role*.

*Backer role is offered only for pre-orders during the Private Alpha period (April to November 2020).

Keys will be distributed once Pandemic is released.

Estimated for Q4 of 2020

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Founders Edition

SCP: Pandemic will be free.


  • Founders-only cosmetics.

  • Future 10% discount for In The Balance: Faultline. Does not include DLC or IAP.

  • Private Beta (Late 2020)

  • Discord "Backer" role.

Keys will be distributed once the Founders Edition is shipped.

Estimated for Early 2021


SCP: Pandemic will be free.


  • Supporter Pack key

  • Founders Edition key

  • Private Beta (Late 2020)

  • Future 15% discount for In The Balance: Faultline. Does not include DLC or IAP.

  • Discord "Backer" role.

Keys will be distributed once the Founders Edition is shipped.

Supporter Pack will be delivered on the launch of SCP: Pandemic Private Beta.


Private Alpha


Private Alpha is the active state of the development and release period. It is to develop and test core systems and environment layout, in addition to bug hunting with supporters.

This state of the game is fairly rudimentary and is unlikely to depict the long-term vision of the game. The Private Alpha is more of an open-ended sandbox more than anything else.

This has started in April 2020 and is anticipated to end in November 2020.

Private Beta


Private Beta will be focused on developing the true gameplay and story into the game. This will be the final detail phase, time for forming the multiplayer missions, and truly bringing this to life.

Objectives for the Private Beta development

Final character art (main characters, zombies, SCP-098, factions).

UI finalization (Main menu, HUD, escape menu, etc.).

Core map finalization and detail pass (no more blocked-out assets).

Mission and story-set objectives for the players.

early work


How can I play?


SCP: Pandemic is currently in Private Alpha. You can access it on Steam after requesting keys by reading the next question.

When publicly released, SCP: Pandemic will be free-to-play on Steam with basic supporter options such as the Founders Edition and Supporter Pack.

I pre-ordered, how can I access the Private Alpha builds?


Please contact us on Discord and message Affray Studios#0001 with proof of purchase to be sent a key. We unfortunately have to send out Private Alpha keys manually. The only automatic system in place is for full release keys.

When will SCP: Pandemic be available?


We are hoping for a PC release mid 2020, we recently were licensed the codebase from Squad from Offworld Industries, which as it will help us in the big picture, puts us on a delay now to integrate it.

What Operating Systems (OS) will SCP: Pandemic be available on?


Certainly Windows, of course. But, we do have interest in making sure Linux is at least functional with Wine or Steam's Proton. This is something we will have to figure out as time goes on. MacOS is not a priority compared to Windows and Linux as it currently stands.

What is the "bigger project"?


We will be utilizing what we have developed for SCP: Pandemic to transition into a bigger title. This project is currently being called "In The Balance", which is an SCP-inspired project that will look and feel like its SCP, but won't be carrying the previous ideas that are directly derivative.

We are doing this to maximize creative and legal control of it.

This project is previously known as "SCP: Ascension", and it will very much be the same overall in regards to the game design, but the story and lore above it will now be different.

We are hoping for the launch of this to be fully cross-platform and cross-store.

Is mod support planned?


Not for SCP: Pandemic, although we have plans to release a Mod Development Kit for In The Balance games.

What is "In The Balance"?


In The Balance is a heavily SCP-inspired lore but under our full legal and creative control. After the rise of outside risks, such as the SCP RU lawsuit, Creative Commons in general being very incompatible with game products, and so on - we have come to a common agreement to make our own intellectual property.

This new universe will be based around inter-dimensional rifts that bring anomalies into our world. Governmental powers and private companies take on the anomalous for the safety of humanity and Earth's ecosystem.

In The Balance projects made by Affray Studios will generally follow an NGO known as APSIS, primarily contracted by the United Nations Occult Commission (UNOC) for global research, protection, and containment of anomalies. They are generally needed in "morally flexible" cases that governmental bodies do not want direct ties with.

APSIS primarily runs research and containment operations out of UNOC black sites. If a containment breach is to occur, APSIS has the backing of world militaries and their own paramilitary forces to bring order to chaos.

So, is "SCP: Ascension" canceled?


The easiest answer is “Yes”, but its a pretty complicated situation. The ideas we had for SCP: Ascension gameplay-wise still remains in our plans moving forward with ITB.

We have split up SCP: Ascension into two ITB games currently:

In The Balance: Faultline

Faultline will be our multiplayer game, which will contain both the Downfall and Blackout gamemodes. ITB: Faultline is planned to derive from the existing work we put into SCP: Pandemic while pushing the envelope further.

In The Balance: Ascension

Ascension will be a purely singleplayer game with a story campaign.

Our ambition of Ascension far exceeds our multiplayer plans. We want high fidelity visuals for the characters, allowing for heavy immersion in the story we want to produce. And as you may know, we are currently a small indie team. Our goal with our existing and upcoming projects to enable us to take on bigger and bigger goals over time.

In The Balance: Observation is a virtual production in Unreal Engine being primarily made by Affray Studios along with a few partner groups over time. We will be utilizing VR and motion capture technology to achieve the desired results. The film will be able to be ran in real-time to avoid need for render farming; all results can be seen in the moment we are initially capturing them.

The technology we will be utilizing can be seen on productions such as The Mandalorian and other high-quality productions. Quality will be subject to our own ability, however. Characters will be fully digital with facial and body capture from real actors.

Basic story outline

Observation will follow the United Nations Occult Commission (UNOC)'s Civilian Rapid Response Unity (CRRU). UNOC CRRU handles responding to civilian reports of anomalous activities and entities.

The first Observation film will be about a response to a metropolitan hotel after reports of an unidentified creature bringing harm to civilians. The responding team must figure out a way to evacuate harmed and unharmed civilians, and ultimately contain or terminate the anomalous creature.


We have an incredible amount of respect for Interspace Anomalies (ran by Evan Royalty) and Retro Digital Media - and we want to showcase their live-action works. This is just a friendly shoutout.