Post Falls, ID 83854


Independent game development studio focused on team-based tactics and grounded horror.

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“Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams, encourage your ideas, support your ambitions, and bring out the best in you.”

Who We Are

We are a remote international team focused on bringing our desired projects to life. We are a small start-up company wanting to push ourselves into being able to take on our ultimate goals, one step at a time.

Always Independent

We will always strive for independence in our endeavors as a company. We want to remain free to make our own decisions and create what we desire to make. This is our priority as a studio, as we don’t want to be dissatisfied with our work or feel burdened by third parties wanting a pull in our decisions. We strive to make sure all decisions we face are completely our own in what we believe is best for us.

Long-Term Thinking

Our strategy for development & release has matured over time into something we’re proud to carry on, we’ve started rough but have molded ourselves to better handle the tasks ahead of us.

Even in the face of our long-term plans being a huge load, we have delicately chosen what we can do to get ourselves to where we want to be long-term. We can’t take everything on immediately, no, but that isn’t stopping us from ending where we want to.


We strongly believe that if desire is not ambitious and doesn’t push anything forward, it isn’t worth pursuing. Our superlative ambition is what drives us to be ourselves, to pursue a vision we believe we can accomplish together – something that we would are and will be proud of. We desire to push boundaries and make something of ourselves, especially in the places others won’t.