Gamemode overview

SCP: Ascension is planned to be packed with a ton of diverse gameplay content to really gain an edge in being fresh. All gamemodes will be free expansions except for story-related content. We do not want to divide the multiplayer community in any way, shape, or form. But, story content will be very costly to create and does not have any risk of dividing playerbases.

We also plan on the possibility of “early access” to gamemodes in their early stages so players can play them early, give feedback, and so on as they get developed whilst making sure they are funded. The pass to early access development, if executed on, will be included in our planned cosmetic quad-year pass (aka charged every three months). This planned pass will, of course, be focused on purely optional content, and will never be pay-to-win. The content will both be for both cosmetic items and early passes

Pandemic / In Development

Co-op, facility-based, linear.

Pandemic is a linear-focused zombie conquest gamemode that will serve as a standalone demo within the near future for our long-term project.

You awake in a facility post-containment breach within Area 12, The Foundation’s most valuable bio-containment and research site, located on federal land within West Virginia. You must rendezvous with your surviving team, gather needed equipment, and coerce yourself through hordes of zomboid 008 infectees, and meet your objectives to ultimately escape.

This gamemode was decided on by us so we could start small, work our way upward, and size up to meet the challenge of being a studio without a title under us to pursue investments and/or future crowdfunding for our long-term plans.

Blackout / Documented Idea

Multiplayer, facility-based, team-based, tactical, horror.

Blackout is our planned flagship gamemode for SCP: Ascension, serving in a plethora of fresh ideas, visualization, and potential fruition to bring to the table in both horror and tactical shooters.

Blackout will consist of three groups: Survivors, responders, hunters.


You are a survivor of the containment breach, you are generally unarmed, or minimally so, where you must face the danger that’s immediately around you – whether by sheltering-in-place until you are rescued, facing the danger after equipping yourself, or sneaking around. This faction will generally include those of the Research Division, Class D Personnel, or Administration.


You are the arm of strength The Foundation needs to stand a chance against the danger. You must storm the facility with specialized gear, modern firearms, and containment devices to levy you and your team against the odds stacked against you.

You must recover personnel, with a priority of life over their death – and escort them out of the facility. Along the way you may be faced against the anomalies, having to put everything you can into their rigorous containment procedures – or if possible, terminating them.

You must plan accordingly to the situation at hand by pre-entrance maps, access to cameras, and so on to form the appropriate execution – and you must communicate appropriately.


Playable SCPs will be a rare sight indeed, but we have a few plans for 1-5 playable characters here long-term. They will be the “Hunter” faction, not always fond of one another, they are mostly focussed on reaping havoc to The Foundation, each other, and anything that gets in their way.

Sandbox / An… idea. (Long-term)

Sandbox is our planned root mode for player mod support. We will be aiming to distribute the ModDK over the Epic Games Launcher (as Epic owns UE4) with a full editor with exposed Blueprint for a lot of flexible uses.

We also have a standard within Affray to make sure all 3D assets we develop are fully modular, so there are endless uses for both us and users that want to dig in and make their own levels.

We hope this will enable players to a world of creativity, including level design, custom plugins, characters, scripts, sound design, cinematics, you name it. We believe this will be a huge enabler for content creators, role-play communities, and so on.

There is a chance of scripting outside of C++ and visual scripting (Blueprint) will make an appearance, but we are going to keep that unconfirmed unless UE4 comes to natively support new languages (e.x. Python, Agog Labs’s WIP language, so on). The most likely expansion being Python.

The extensibility of this will allow players to make content within bounds of actual game design, without needing a huge team to pull off their own visions as individuals.

Recon / Partially Documented Idea (Long-term)

Co-op, non-facility based, research, exploration, tactical, horror, partial-linear.

An anomalous location has been found or testing has allowed for the exploration of a specific SCP. You were the unfortunate person chosen for this task along with a group of a few others. Use your own wits to explore the anomalous terrain and attempt to make it out alive. 

This will be our most unique gamemode we will be able to bring to the table – this will be the gamemode that takes you out of the endless corridors and into natural terrain (or locations altogether). We really have a lot of ambitious ideas for this, as it will not depend too much on mechanics and design already made (and/or will be made) for the previous gamemodes. We intend to expand into non-euclidian geometry, memetics, cognitohazzards, and so on.

This will be a build-up point for our campaign in terms of needed assets, functions, foliage and terrain, and outdoors-based props and overall design.

Story Campaign / Outlined Idea (Long-term)

Singleplayer, non-facility based, research, exploration, espionage, tactical, horror, partial-linear.

Most details on this will be kept close to the chest, all we will say, for now, is that this is primarily focused on a Recon Squad of Mobile Task Force Alpha-9 – a task force comprised of anomalous humanoid operatives.

We have big plans for this, as we want to make sure we can reach peak quality – we have future intentions of motion capture, facial rigs, great cinematics, and extensive writing. We really want our story to be of high quality and be worth making for us, our partners, and the community!

We will be selling it as an expansion to the base game rather than include it, to ensure we can recoup the (anticipated) high costs and time that will have to be dedicated to this.